Commercial Fiber Optic Installer Does Security  Protection

How fiber optic perimeter protection installed by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC, a commercial fiber optic installer works. Coded infrared (IR) light is sent through fiber optic cables and sensors from IR transmitters is received by IR receivers. Any attempted intrusion such as cutting, climbing or walking above the sensors will be detected by an interruption in light transmission and will trigger an alarm in the Command Center that will locate and identify the intruded zone.

A Laser Diode (transmitter) launches continuous wave light into a fiber optic cable. It appears at the end of the fiber optic as a speckle pattern of light and dark patches. Under steady conditions this speckle pattern is stationary. When pressure or vibration is applied close to the sensor it causes the fiber optic to deflect and redistribute the light speckle pattern. This movement or ‘twinkling’ of the speckle pattern is detected by a Photo-Diode (receiver). The output is electronically processed and fed to a relay that causes an alarm to be activated. Any attempt to cut through or climb over the barrier will trigger an alarm. The pressure sensitivity on each section can also be adjusted to accommodate a balance between security and prevailing environmental conditions.

The fiber optic fence is an innovative integration of fiber-optic net and cable that operates on the principle of light disturbance. The components include the FiberNet, which detects any attempted intrusion by cutting, and the FiberSensor which detects intrusion attempts by sensing motion and vibration disturbance.

The cable is installed in a split plastic conduit to provide uniform detection and to enhance sensitivity to any fence motion disturbance. Coded infrared (IR) light is sent through the FiberSensor cables from IR transmitters to IR receivers. Any attempted intrusion will trigger an alarm and monitors in the System Command Center will display and record the intruded zone and all related data.

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