Fiber Optic Company Installs Security Cameras

While it is true that copper has proven to be adequate for the secure applications of the past, in today’s security conscious climate, it may make sense to upgrade to fiber optic. A fiber optic contractor can install top of the line high speed fiber in your business. Imagine having no worries over lightning strikes, or electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Imagine having more bandwidth available AND having much longer distances supported. This translates into longer wiring runs for you along with the capability of sending a larger volume of information longer distances. Add to these the “un-tappability” and 99.9% reliability of the medium, and you can’t afford not to give fiber optics serious consideration. A tried and true medium, having been adequately tested by our government and military decades ago at the height of the cold war.

Happily, today’s costs of implementing this technology are no longer as prohibitive as they were in the late 1950’s, and the cost for cable is now comparable to the cost for copper cable. Additionally, Northeast Remote Surveillance installers use modern plug and play design to facilitates ease of installation and less hassle for you. In fact, the marriage of this technology to “mission critical” applications can prove to be a match made in heaven.

Fiber optic cable is completely resistant to electromagnetic fields, power surges, interference, noise and cross-talk. Using a fiber optic cable, the installer does not need to apply any additional protectors. The connection of the PTZ camera with the use of fiber optic transmission medium is shown in the diagram below.

Transmission distance determines the type of optical fiber. Up to 100 meters, any type can be used – polymer or glass fiber (single-mode or multi-mode). At distances from 100 m to 2 km it is possible to use single-mode or multi-mode glass fibers. Distances longer than 2 km require to use single-mode glass fiber, due to the lower attenuation.

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