Fiber Optic Installer – Right for Your Business

Businesses need to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape, so they need the best internet connection they can get—and that’s fiber optic. Northeast Remote Surveillance fiber optic installers have flexible and customizable fiber optic solutions that can affordably meet the needs of companies of all sizes, in all industries.

Other internet connection types have upload speeds that are usually one-tenth of the download speed, but a fiber optic internet speeds are symmetrical, meaning that upload and download speeds are the same. This saves precious time during the business day and is crucial for use of cloud services, uploading larges files (like a video to YouTube) or video conferencing. Most businesses share their internet connection among desktops, laptops, VoIP phone systems and more, but employees are also connecting their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to the internet too. Businesses need to make sure they have enough bandwidth to support all of these devices. A fiber connection delivers this support.

Fiber optic cable is nearly hack-proof. Although rare, it’s possible to tap into a copper or coax line to steal internet service. A fiber network, on the other hand, can’t be tapped this way, because the cable would have to be cut, which would take the system down. Additionally, while DOCSIS cable modem and fiber-based Passive Optical Networks are shared with other subscribers, dedicated fiber connections aren’t shared with other customers, providing an additional layer of security.

Fiber optic internet is easily scalable compared to other types of internet connections. Typically, internet service providers can upgrade the speed of a fiber network with a single phone call—making it easy to meet the needs of a company at every stage of growth. Additional bandwidth and fiber speed help power the peripheral devices a business will add to their operations as they grow: printers, credit card machines, scanners, point-of-sale terminals, and more. With a fiber link, there’s enough bandwidth and speed to support the devices a business has today, while also being ready for the devices of the future.

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