The Future of Fiber Optics in Security

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the fiber optics revolution is well underway—and it has a discernible impact on your daily life. Thanks to fiber optics, we can now transmit massive amounts of information at record-breaking speeds, with minimal interference. The sheer speed and volume of information transmission has paved the path for innovations across a number of industries but mainly security. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC, a leader in fiber optic security, is taking it to a new level.

Much of the recent growth in the fiber optics market can be attributed to the transition from local area networks (LANs)—which once dominated fiber optics—to wide area networking (WAN). Fiber-based WAN promises to solve many of the headaches prompted by DSL and other common approaches. Uniquely secure and easily repairable, fiber offers faster and more reliable connectivity than the alternatives.

Fiber optics technology has come a long way, but this age of innovation is only the beginning. From technological breakthroughs to vast new networks, a range of exciting projects promise to bring the world into a new and even more revolutionary age of fiber optics. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC has a business upgrade program that is helping many business users able to move into a safe HD high speed system. The modern fiber optic internet is rapidly reaching new speeds and new markets. From Fortune 100 corporations and government agencies to small businesses looking to gain an edge, many enterprises stand to benefit from fiber optics, and the technology promises to remain at the forefront of digital communications.

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