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Commercial Fiber Obtic Security Installation Contractors PA by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides property owners and managers with the fiber optic security systems integration needed to secure their property and assets. A well secured property includes perimeter detection, security cameras, alarm systems, and access control. Our team of seasoned professionals and industry partners have the experience and security systems solutions to protect any size facility in Contractors PA, DE, MD or NJ.

Commercial Security Installation using fiber optic cable for Video Analytics provides effective perimeter detection using video surveillance Video Analytics is smart video surveillance advanced algorithms and pattern based motion detection allow cameras to classify people and vehicles. These events are precise enough to trigger alerts to security, management, central monitoring or the authorities. These systems prove to be very effective for commercial and industrial properties experiencing vandalism and trespassing after hours. New thermal analytic cameras provide the ability of vehicle and people classification in the absence of light giving our clients unlimited security coverage in all conditions.

Commercial Security Installation
Commercial Security Installations by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm LLC

Commercial Security Installation using video analytics saves time and improves usability of your fiber optic security cameras. Video analytics also allows proactive security alerts of unusual motion detection,l items missing, items left behind and crowd gathering to alert staff of abnormal activities in progress. Video Analytics Appearance search saves time and allows video management system operators to increase there success in tracking events as they happened with high speed fiber optics.  Appearance  search is a feature that allow security camera system operators to select individuals objects, people or vehicles and have the Video Management System assist in finding all recorded appearances.

Commercial Security Installation Contractors PA provides businesses of all sizes with security systems integration including video analytics, video security systems, access control, alarms, and more

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